It was clear but windy day on Sunday. I was afraid of missing seeing autumn leaves , I went out two of Japanese gardens in Tokyo : Kiyosumi garden and Rikugien garden.

Although there are few colored trees in Kiyosumi garden, a Japanese maple tree near the entrance was at its best and people were attracted by its orange colour. Birds were resting in the pound peacefully.

Many people were there compared to Kiyosumi garden, however, autumn leaves seemed to have ended in the Rikugien garden. Probably because of a boom of instagram, many people had their smartphones in their hands and were trying to capture the best shot of the red and orange scene.

Especially around the Tsutsuji Chaya and Sanin bride area was crowded, which is close to Someimon entrance near the Komagome Station.

By the way, Rikugien is known as the place where you can enjoy illumination at night, too. When I left there around half past 4 pm, many people were already waiting near the entrance.

Well, it might be a little difficult to judge when to visit gardens as maple trees turn red and fallen quickly than we expect. Though I was lucky enough to catch up almost last few days of autumn leaves, but for those who don’t want miss it, I would recommend you check news on Twitter or Instagram before going out.

Park’s official twitter accounts are here :
They tweet sometimes in English
Kiyosumi Garden

What do you like to do on weekends in autumn? Do you love to go out?


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