Since my photo shooting skill is increasing day by day, I would like to show my photos with captions in this post. This time, I took many photos during my walking because there were many photogenic spots such as old houses, large tea plantation, small spring flowers on the road and even the Lake Hamana. In fact, it was our first time that we walked through for 3 days! Total about 75km long journey was very impressive as exhausting as well. I and my mother’s walking tour is still on the way to go!

bus stop
We took a bus for an hour from Shizuoka Station to the previous bus stop where we stopped walking before.
Fujieda is known as a city of soccer. We often saw flags and posters on which are written some local soccer team’s name. In fact,Shizuoka area has many soccer teams
We often see Shotengai(Japanese style shopping street) during our Tokaido walking. However, most of Shotengai are very quiet.
a big poster of Futon shop
What we see often on Tokaido: Futon (Japanese bed) shops, hairsalons and Wagashi (Japanese confectionery).
Fujieda City's manole
On the way of Tokaido, you see the drawings on the manholes change in each city. 藤枝 City (Fujieda, 藤 means wisteria,枝 means branch.)seems that it is famous for wisteria.
We happened to find some branches of wisteria.

On the way of Tokaido, sometimes we see the plastic bags of Mikan(mandarin orange) or vegetables which are cultivated in a farm. *one plastic bag contains more than 10 mandarin oranges and is mostly sold for about 100yen)
beer cans
What you will see very often in Shizuoka is beer cans which had cut. All the cans decorated by each house look very similar.Is it for avoiding crows? When wind blews, they spin very fast.

We bought two bento boxes at the seven eleven, and sat down nearby a small river. JR Tokaido train has passed when we were eating, whose vehicles were shorter than the ones we see normaly.
a vending box
What we see on the Tokaido #2. It’s “a vending box” which sells fresh eggs and vegitables -not a vending machine. It was my first time that I saw someone come to buy something there.

colorful rooftops

Shrine. On Tokaido, we frequently see some shrines which enshrines something.
something is put on a flower bed
What is this?

old Yakisoba shop
To be honest, when I am interesting in taking photos is when taking photos of old houses and buildings which nobody knows how to use.

view of Tenryu river
We arrived at Tenryu river.

Three stones nearby the river
Something. I took it very well didn’t I?

small pink flower along the river

long bridge across the river

great view from a bridge
The water of Tenryu river is clear, and pebbles were very white.

white pebbles, blue water and blue sky

carp stremers hang out above a small river
We’ve accrossed many rivers on the Tokaido since autumn last year. It’s already in May and “children’s day” is coming soon.

4 bus stops were seen at the same spot
Why are there so many “bus stops” at the same spot?
a cup of ice cream in the cafe
In the area of “Ishidatami Chaya”(“Ishidatami” means stone-paved alleys, “Chaya” means old word for cafe.)
I was becoming a little bit tired, so I ordered a cup of plum-jam icecream.

a cat in front of a shrine
I took a photo of her/him because I thought it would be photogenic. This cat kept following us afterward.

a butterfly dropping by a flower

paddy field in the evening
It was getting dark when we walked almost 30 km. After I took this picture, we went to a Yakiniku restaurant before we headed to the hotel.

I write down my thoughts about the places and cultures I visited and Japan where I was born and grew up, trying to share my thoughts with my friends around the world. Now based in Tokyo.


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      Thank you for your comment! Yes, because someone special kindly taught me how to use a camera, I could improve my shooting skill very much!

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