Having returned to the bus stop where we ended walking yesterday, we started walking again from there. Soon, there was a slope called “Karutamichi (Karuta road)”. “Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game on which tanka are written”We climbed up a slow slope reading some tanka.

A sign of Karuta
A sign of Karuta

We met some tourist groups today. It looked like they were learning about the history of the area, not doing Tokaido walking. On The okaido, we sometimes pass each other or go on in the same direction when we walk.

We passed by a residential area, and we happened to see Ishiyakushi-temple in the Ishiyakushi-Shuku. It was a small but well-maintained temple. Maple leaves were still green but probably they would be red very soon. Local people must like this temple, I thought.






Passed by IshiYakushi-shuku, and sky was very blue.
A sign of Karuta road
We also went through Karuta road.
A big tree
Heading for Shono-shuku, the next Shuku.

Small but bright plants were seen everywhere between the concrete road. As usual, it’s hard to notice these small discoveries but this experience was the one of fun things during our Tokaido walking. Because we have spring and autumn in the year, we can go through tough winter and summer, I thought.

small flowers

beautiful scene in the morning
All of flowers in autumn looked so cute

A box of milk bins were often seen on the way of the Tokaido, so these are “signs” on the Tokaido. We were used to seeing them when we walk. But these are things that we don’t often see in the city. Getting close to Kyoto, I wanted to take pictures of those signs.



A box of milk bins. We often saw these boxes on the Tokaido.


“If you did something wrong and you knew it, be honest and do apologize immediately.”
“A dangerous railroad crossing”
A pink cosmos
A red flower
Red. Very red.
A design of a manhole shows the features of its area.
Torii (a gate of a shrine) suddenly appeared in a residence area. This is what we often see on the Tokaido.

Getting close to Kameyama-Shuku, each house showed what kind of store it was in the Edo period. Tabacoo store…Various business exsisted in the old times and even now.

Originally, there was a tabaco shop
Either of a Soba shop or an Udon shop. Is it open? Is it good? It was little difficult to know.

In front of Kameyama Station was a shopping street, and because it was a Sunday, almost all of the stores were closed on the street. A banner-flag in front of the meat shop alone was flowing by wind. Tokyo, Kanagawa, Shizuoka and Mie…any shopping streets in Japanis just as quite today.

A car-shaped vending machine
This is a car-shaped vending machine. Having an idea and creativity makes people fun.

All the bread looked very tasty in the bakery in front of the Kameyama Station. It was such a small bakery but crowded with customers hoosing what to buy. An IC card was not allowed to use on the gate in Kameyama Station, and we bought tickets and got on the train for Nagoya Station.


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