On the train for Mikumo Station in the morning on the third day, I saw a couple who was also walking on the Tokaido the day before. They probably noticed us.

We (the couple, too) got off at Mikumo Station, and again started walking in a residential area. Each house had something of an end-of-the-year like atmosphere. I saw some people cleaning their rooms inside. I kept walking and thinking about what to put away and throw away in my room back home.

Soon after starting, I felt my right leg so full of pain. I didn’t know the reason. Maybe because I was so wet to be cold on the first day.

I was feeling pretty in pain , but the station we were heading for was far away. Still a long distance to go. On the way, luckily, I happened to find a Matsuzaka-beef restaurant (that’s what we couldn’t have in Yokkaichi Station). I suggested to my mom to enter the restaurant for lunch (and for break)

Well, I didn’t really remember how I walked on the road after lunch because my leg was too painful to feel something else. Although there were only a few people in the shopping street in front of Kusatsu Station, an unknown Christmas song played loudly, and that was all what I remembered.

When we arrived at the final destination, Seta Station, I thought the pain in my leg would wear off as I would fainally relax . But nothing changed. The pain continued even after I got on a train.

So, why do we walk a lot like this? Although I was too exhausted of walking and my mom had nothing to help me out, we didn’t stop walking at all this time.
Why? -Because there is a way to go. That was the reason we came up with. There wasn’t always any specific and theoretical answer for why.

It’s interesting that we don’t know why we are keeping it on. At the same time, I believe, it’s always a good idea just doing something without setting any clear goals to achieve something -as we are having fun although we don’t know why we are doing it.


I write down my thoughts about the places and cultures I visited and Japan where I was born and grew up, trying to share my thoughts with my friends around the world. Now based in Tokyo.

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