After transfering at Kuwano Station to get on the Kintetsu line, we headed for Ise-Asahi Station where we had ended the walking last time. The weather was nice, and wearing a T-shirt and a jacket was just enough for the day.

school zone


red cosmos


In the afternoon, we went through a mysterious shopping street. No people were there, and music alone sounded on the street.

Rokurokkubi, which is a long-neck woman. I don’t know why she was there, and why her neck was moving.

Cars run so fast on the narrow street. Cars passed by just nearby us, and it was hard to walk. Even in front of the Japanese confectionery shop, there was Rokurokkubi. I searched to find out that it was actually not a SHE but a HE. He is called “Onyudo”, a doll which was created to combat a raccoon dog.









In Yokkaichi City, we could find many signs of the Tokaido at every corner. We would know where to turn next without looking at a map. We didn’t have to stop, either, which was nice.



Autumnal plants were seen so often on the way. They were colorful, and they attracted our eyes. Seeing a plant standing nearby electronic pillars or in the concrete, I felt how strongly they lived.



Before we crossed the bridge over the river, an old lady asked us if we were walking on the Tokaido. If our houses were on the Tokaido, I would’t think of walking on the Tokaido. I thought so without any reason.

We finished walking 20 km faster than we planned. There were no cafes around the bus stop, and we had to sit and wait for a bus for Yokkaichi Station where our hotel was located.

In Yokkaichi Station, we wanted to have Matsuzaka-beef, which is a local specialty food there. However, the restaurant was crowded and we gave up to taste Matsuzaka-beef. In the end, we entered a Spanish bar. In the evening, more young people came out, and the area around the station was bustled under the light. It was just a different atmosphere from what it was during day time.


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