My grandmother gave me a sewing machine, and I’ve made a few tablemats with some cloths.

Then I realized that most patterns of cloths that I chose from an EC were flowers or Persian or Asian patterns.

That reminded me of the patterns that I saw in Cambodia and South Korea.

In Angkor Wat, unexpectedly, there were such cute flower patterns on the wall.
Hadn’t imagined I would have seen such a cute “modern” – in terms of my perspective – in Cambodia until I saw them.

Deoksugung in South Korea also had adorable wall patterns. This cozy palace surrounded by taller buildings always made me feel comfortable during my stay in Seoul.

Probably my choice was based on these experiences.

P.S I’m getting unsure whether photos in South Korea were taken in Deoksugung or Gyeongbokgung… I will post another blog about Gyeongbokgung later.


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