Today, I went to an event which was held in the Aoba area in Yokohama. The two main concepts of this event were “environmentally friendly” and “eat seasonal local food”. 

Before I participated in this event, I did not know what learning “environmentally friendly” through the event meant and why you can learn about it by purchasing local food in the market which is held in the event.

Afterwards, I learned the main feature of this event: the system of “reuse”, where you will be given back 100 yen after you have returned the used plates and cups. 

Well, in Japan, if you go to an outside event, you will eat food on paper plates or with paper cups and paper chopsticks. That’s the usual case. However, in this event, all the food was served with plastic plates and cups, and you will go to the booth to separate the trash.Then, clean the plate with a cloth, which was originally a part of used clothing, to get rid of the oil on it. Finally, return the plate and you could get 100 yen back.


Each booth offered local vegetables and one-plate food by a farm or a restaurant from Aoba area. Each booth had a handmade menu, and it made me feel the close distance between a buyer and a seller. Many young children were participating in this festival both as customers and sellers, which was also very attractive.


Well, it’s not such a big matter; I was aware of the environmental problem of the earth. I’ve just realized the one small thing today; it’s good to live “environmentally-friendly” taking it for granted, instead of  feeling bothersome or being forced to do so.

Then now I remember the memory of Germany in winter. Having had a cup of hot wine, and returning the empty cup will get you 1 or 2 euros. If you like the design of a cup (you have different cute design each year!), you could bring it back home instead of returning it, too.

When I was there in summer, I bought some plastic bottles of water. Like when I drank hot wine, I could get back some money (it was about several cents coupon which you can use for your next shopping) if I bring them back to the place in the supermarket. 

I often heard that Germany is an environmentally friendly country. Probably, being “environmentally friendly” means that every person has such a mind and a habit in their daily life.

To make our living place a better community by ourselves. On this holiday, I learned that there is such a small but active community in the Aoba area.





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